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If you need to replace your roof, you can go the most popular route and use quality asphalt shingles. Several of the top manufacturers, such as CertainTeed, Owens Corning, and GAF, produce several lines of shingles with different colors and textures and guarantees on how long each will last. You could also consider slate, tile, and metal coverings. Slate and tile will cost more, but they should also last longer too, plus they each offer a really attractive, unique look. Nowadays, metal roofing is becoming very popular among home owners in New Jersey. These recycled metal roofs are practical and their appearance has greatly improved in the last decade.

Depending upon which style of roof you put on, the quality of the attic ventilation and flashing, and the workmanship of the installation crew, your roof should last from at least 15 years up to 50 years. Remember that periodic inspections and routine maintenance can spot and repair really small problems (such as a piece of loose flashing) before they turn into a major problem (like a leaky roof that can reduce the life of your roof, plus harm your attic below).

We will be glad to come out to your home and give you a free roofing estimate. Our experienced roofers will educate you further on your roofing options. They will also provide you with a complimentary inspection of your roof and a free estimate. If you're looking for top quality roofing services in New Jersey give us a call at 732-752-6639

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